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Our mission


Our mission is to tackle the difficult situations that disadvantaged people in different communities are confronting.

  • We take social actions oriented to achieve concrete results such as alleviate hunger, offer people access to essential goods and services on sustainable bases.
  • We know that it takes audacity and courage to fight poverty and inequity but we are determined and committed to excellence to pursuit our goal to see a world in which equality, dignity and social cohesion can be achieved.

On going Programs

Our programs are based on real problems afflicting most vulnerable groups in our community and beyond.

We aim by implementing our projects to tackle the problems of poverty and social inequity faced by a great number of disadvantaged people.

Our projects are designed based on the radical idea of bringing hope, equity and human dignity in a challenging world by changing the way poverty is tackled.

Currently, we are present implementing different programs with positive impact and sustainability in Greece, Belgrade, Jordan and Zambia.


Achievements So Far

We aim by implementing our projects to tackle the problems of poverty and social inequity faced by a great number of disadvantaged people.

Humanitarian Bank operates as an auspice for a number of actions that have taken place or are ongoing over time, providing a number of humanitarian actions and serving their causes. The total estimated amount of funds provided so far is valued at €17,8M and growing.

Specifically, we have provided support in the following areas:

Food Rescue

  • Food to more than 1 million people in need with an estimated cost of €5 million
  • On a daily base loaf of bread has been distributed to people in need, with an estimated volume of around 420.000 pieces and a cost €500.000 so far. This is an ongoing operation involving a back to back logistic mechanism.  

Health & Social Care

  • We have managed to provide housing to more than 270 people, cost: €127.000
  • Clothing to more than 47.000 people in need with an estimated cost: €60.000
  • 10.000 boxes of medicine have been donated to 158 Social Pharmacies, Hospitals and Health Centers, cost: €200.000
  • 100 pieces of bed linen & mattresses in Hospitals and Health Centers, cost: €300.000
  • 500 pieces of various type of furniture to people in need, cost: €312.000
  • 580 pieces of electrical appliances of all kinds, to people in need with an estimated cost:  €65.000
  • Personal hygiene Products with an estimated cost of around: €750.000

Culture & Education

  • 110.000 books so far to 523 libraries with an estimated cost:  €1,1 million
  • Finance the production of 95 books for humanitarian purposes, cost: €250.000
  • Finance to various cultural activities of Greek minorities abroad, cost: €1,5 million
  • 125 bicycles have been donated to schools in remote areas of Greece, cost:  €15.000

Environmental Protection

  • More than 19.000 trees have been planted in Greece, and we have collected more than 17.000 bags with recyclable waste from a number of beaches around Greece, cost: €88.000

Financial Aid

  • Microloans with zero interest to more than 237 families in need of immediate help to create small Business Development, cost: €500.000
  • Permanent employment of 58 people with an estimated cost: €7M

Some of the above efforts are ongoing either have already helped or are in the process of helping more than 1.350 people as well as institutions and organizations.

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