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Dr. Stefanos Tsolakidis


After almost 30 years of activities based on his humanitarian contribution, Dr. Stefanos Tsolakidis founded in 2016 the Non-Profit Organization Humanitarian Bank.

A number of visionary and humanitarian friends with a collective experience of 120 years have joined their strength, skills, expertise and especially their motivation with the determination and sincere interest in making a profound difference in the communities they support.


2017: Awarded the Medal of the Legion of Honor from the United Cultural Convention, for his contribution and support to culture in general

2016: Awarded by UNICEF for his personal commitment providing emergency food and healthcare to children in need

2014: Awarded the Medal of Friends of Scouting for his contribution to their cause

2013: Implemented the RESCUE project which up to date runs on a daily basis capturing usable quality products and produce to be redistributed to the people in need.

2012: Awarded the Saint Basil's golden cross by the Ecumenical Patriarch for the support to the Greek Diaspora

2011: Appointed International Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation

2010: Organized the group called Volunteer Ecologist of Attica (Ethelontes Oikologoi Attikis). The group, with its weekly activities, has achieved within only 7 years of its existence to implemented more than 600 projects with an environmental impact.

2009: Awarded by the International Amnesty for his contribution to their cause

2007: Organized the Bank of Subsistence Goods (food, clothing, footwear, household equipment, medicines, educational materials/services) which has so far assisted more than 20.000 people and children in need.

2006: Appointed Ambassador General for Greece

2005: Awarded by WWF for his significant personal contribution to the conservation of the natural world and sustainable development

2003: Awarded from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for his contribution

2003: Nominated Senator for Life to the World Nations Congress

2003: Awarded by the Doctors without borders for his contribution to their cause

1995: Created a volunteer donor group for blood, plasma, and platelet which so far services the needs of the “Amalia Fleming” hospital in Athens, Greece at least three times a year.

He has also been awarded numerous prizes by small and local organizations for his contribution to their causes.

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