The story of Humanitarian Bank

A little story about us

Who we are

HUMANITARIAN BANK is a Non Profitable Organization (fully registered) compromising with The Global Goals and aiming to make them a sustainable reality via its projects. Currently we are present implementing our programs with positive impact and sustainability in Greece, Belgrade, Jordan and Zambia.

Humanitarian Bank works in joint action with our partners, individual volunteers and volunteering communities involved in its projects, to pursuit and to promote the rights that all Human Beings deserve and should have based on The Humanitarian Principles; to be treated as such!


Who we are


Our philosophy, which is, “ALL FOR ALL FOR A BETTER WORLD” is based on The Humanitarian Principles of Equality, Dignity and Social Cohesion for all human beings, seeking through our actions and projects alleviate the increasing problems faced by vulnerable groups of our community and beyond.

Our projects respect and are implemented based on the following:

  • Human Dignity and Human Rights.
  • Capabilities and Vulnerabilities of the Communities in which we implement our projects Sustainability of our Actions.
  • Participation of Volunteers and Involvement of the Vulnerable Groups of the Community.
  • Reinforcement of the vulnerable groups by transferring the Know-How through the involvement of the communities.

Our main purpose is to be the missing link between the high quality products which otherwise would end up as waste and redistribute them to people in need.


Our People


Mr. Stefanos Tsolakidis PhD

After almost 40 years of activities based on his believe in the Daily Good Turn as a basis for Personal Growth, Mr. Stefanos Tsolakidis PhD founded in 2016 the Non-Governmental Organization Humanitarian Bank with the purpose to concentrate in only one association all the on-going assistance projects led in a friendly way by him.

Mr. Stefanos Tsolakidis PhD and a group of friends over 40 years have joint their strength, skills, expertise and especially their motivation with the determination and sincere interest in making a profound difference in the communities they support in Bulgaria, Jordan, Zambia and mainly Greece.

In 2013 Mr. Stefanos Tsolakidis PhD implemented the RESCUING project which up to date runs in a daily basis capturing usable quality products and produce to be redistributed to the people in need. READ MORE Link to Bank of Subsistence Goods.

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Olmo Rayon


Olmo is a Cybersecurity Consultor working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Madrid, Spain. His passion towards innovation and development are the key elements that are driving his professional career but on top of this, he is totally compromised with the humanitarian world. 

Michalis Konstantopoulos


He lives and works in Zambia as a controller Engineer for company constructing irrigation systems for farms that are going to be granted to needy families. Michalis represents the Humanitarian Bank promoting charitable activities in several areas.

Boris Poljakov


Represents the Humanitarian Bank organization in its fight against poverty in Belgrade where he lives and work. Following the same principles he cofounded the Balkan Foundation Against Poverty with the same purposes as The Humanitarian Bank.

Ahmad Shiyyab


His mission is to support refugees and orphan children on behalf of the Humanitarian Bank in Jordan where he lives and in the neighbouring states of the Middle East; Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Our People
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